2021-22 Student Calendar

2021-22 School Board Calendar

District Information

Dr. John Polm


Superintendent’s Cabinet

Amie Brandmire

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Employee Relations

Mario Casello

Assistant Superintendent of Operations

Laura Marcoe

Assistant Superintendent of Business and Support Services

Dr. Vince Pecchia

Assistant Superintendent f Equity and Instructional Leadership

Sarah Gillispie

Executive Director of Communications and Public Engagement

Amanda Kraft

Executive Director of Equity and Professional Learning

Margaret Larkey

Executive Director of Technology

Richard Lasso

Executive Director of Equity and Secondary Education

Almai Malit

Executive Director of Equity, Assessment, Accountability and Highly Capable

Karen Mool

Executive Director of Equity and Special Education

Rebecca Williams

Executive Director of Equity and Elementary Education

Puyallup School District Regions

Region 1

Schools:  Edgerton, Hunt, Pope, Ridgecrest, Sunrise, Wildwood, Ferrucci Junior High, Glacier View Junior High, Emerald Ridge High School

Human Resource Generalist:  Barb Schmitten       253-841-8602

Human Resource Specialist:  Teresa Petitt             253-435-6657

Substitute Clerk:  Amy Raymond                            253-841-8788

Region 2

Schools:  Brouillet, Carson, Dessie Evans, Firgrove, Woodland, Zeiger, Ballou Junior High, Stahl Junior High, Puyallup Digital Learning, Rogers High School

Human Resource Generalist:         

Human Resource Specialist:  Mindy Ryals             253-841-8678

Substitute Clerk:  Johna Noble                                 253-840-8824

Region 3

Schools:  Fruitland, Karshner, Maplewood, Meeker, Mt. View, Northwood, Shaw Road, Spinning, Stewart, Waller Road, Aylen Junior High, Edgemont Junior High, Kalles Junior High, Puyallup High School, Walker High School

Human Resource Generalist:  Leisha Turner          253-841-8609

Human Resource Specialist:  Chantel Billings        253-435-6640

Substitute Clerk:  Tyler Fleury                                 253-841-8607

Humans Resources and Leaves

Kevin Mensonides                                                     253-841-8666

Director of Human Resources, Staffing and Student Support

Krista McBride                                                         253-435-2833

Human Resources Leaves and Accommodations Coordinator