Welcome to Puyallup Education Association!

The purpose of the PEA is to be a united force for excellence in education.

As you know, nominations closed at the start of the PEA April meeting, per PEA Bylaws.  Since there were no contested elections, the RA can and did accept the slate.

Please join me in congratulating the following PEA Officers and UniServ Reps!  Their terms officially start when the gavel drops at NEA-RA- which is just after July 1.

I know that PEA will be in great hands next year!!!


President:  Bob Horton

Vice-President:  Michele Jangula

Treasurer:  Kim Ramsey

Secretary:  Kimberly Rose

UniServ Reps (Odd numbered)

1:  Aaron Watt

3:   Katie Ventura

5:  Heidi Eshpeter

7:  Jamie Smith

9:  Mollie Mitchell

11:  Gayle Franks

13:  Gina Sabia

Thanks to everyone who shared their talents with us- choosing a new T shirt was a difficult choice.

The Exec Board has chosen the shirt below. Please congratulate Dave Rosdahl from ERHS- he is the winner of the $50 Starbucks card, and ERHS will be getting cookies and ice cream from Crumbl next Wednesday!

Looking forward to seeing you all in the new shirts!